WELCOME to Contact. An online empowerment program focused on developing an athletes awareness of self and that of their team mates, through a series of open discussions and reflection activities. Creating opportunities for teams to connect during times of isolation. Coaches will have the resources required to engage in their athlete’s wellbeing whilst building a strong team bond. 

CONTACT is an adaptation of the EmpowerPlay program developed in partnership with Netball NSW.

All the CONTACT resources are FREE to download


CONTACT sessions can be run by a coach via any online video conferencing platform. The coach initiates the online session at an arranged time, players participate by joining in on the video conference.

There are 6 CONTACT sessions in total, each made up of 4 x 10 minute activities: The Warm up, Training Review, The Game Plan, The Cool down.

The initial CONTACT

The coach emails the players with an invitation to join the online video conferencing platform on a date and time selected by them. They choose either their originally scheduled training day or even on Saturday when they would normally have been playing.

The Warm Up

Checking in with each other, asking the question; Are you OK? What are you grateful for? And mindfulness, have you taken the time to be mindful?


Review of how the previous weeks online training session activities and physical activities went. Worksheets are available for players to download.

The Game Plan

Setting goals for the week ahead. Planning the training session activities and physical activities to do before the next CONTACT session.

The Cool Down

Setting the team’s weekly affirmation. Coming up with the positive saying and power pose for the week ahead.

What are the benefits of CONTACT

Creates opportunities for coaches to engage in their players wellbeing

Nurtures the player to player relationship away from the court

Increases club spirit and a players sense of belonging


All the resources you will need to make CONTACT with your team. Simply select and download each session as
you need it.


Get your CONTACT worksheets here. Simply select, download and then print the worksheet for each session as you need it.


Team CONTACT ideas and posters are available for you to download and use on your Clubs social media platforms.

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