The benefits when you choose to EMPOWER through sport

ATHLETES will be given the tools to build confidence and self-worth. They will develop an understanding of who they are, how they are different from their teammates and how these differences strengthen and enhance their teams ability.

COACHES will find the workshops a valuable tool in understanding their players, how to communicate and engage them effectively and how to use this knowledge to drive the team’s overall success.

CLUBS gain a young athlete who is confident and empowered. They will be inspired to take up leadership and mentoring roles within their sporting community, giving back to the sport that empowered them.

‘Don’t give up, believe in yourself and only listen to your inner bestie’

- 13 year old athlete-

Why is it important to EMPOWER our young athletes?

One in 7 children and young people (equivalent of 560,000 children) have experienced a mental health disorder in the last year.*

One in 12 children (12-17) indicated they had engaged in some form of self harming behaviour in the past 12 months*

One in 5 adolescents were estimated to be suffering from high to very high levels of psychological distress*

The Power to Empower

Team GEM came together out of a passion to create social change using a sport we loved as the vehicle. We are excited and privileged to be sharing our knowledge and passion of how to empower young athletes.