Empowering sporting Committees to lead with passion

The CommUNITY workshop is designed to give your Committee the tools to create a stronger foundation for engagement and commitment. You will share stories, develop a better understanding of yourselves and the others you work with. Strengthen your passion, discover shared values and create a positive, compassionate and inclusive culture.

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All the tools you need to Crush your fears

CRUSH IT will equip young athletes with all the tools they need in their kit bag to become mindful, self aware and crush their fears.

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Building confidence and empowering young people

Created in partnership with Netball NSW, EmpowerPlay is for the use of Netball NSW affiliated netball Clubs.  The program is fully downloadable and is designed to assist players aged from 10-14 years build self-confidence, bond with their teammates and discover their self-worth. The program helps coaches get their most out of their players AND creates a strong sense of community within a Club.

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Creating confident young leaders and mentors in our sporting community

The workshop created for athletes, coaches, umpires and referees aged 14 years and above. Giving them to power to empower others through effective communication, learning how to deal with conflict, discovering and understanding their strengths and how to bring strengths out in others.



Taking netball from the court to the cloud

CONTACT is an adaptation of the EmpowerPlay program developed in partnership with Netball NSW.

An online program creating opportunities for teams to connect during times of isolation. Coaches will have the resources required to engage in their athlete’s wellbeing whilst building a strong team bond. 

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Finding your way to becoming confident and resilient

The workshop created for young male athletes aged 11 – 14 years. MIND CRAFT will give them the tools to develop an understanding of who they are, how they are different from their teammates and how these differences strengthen and enhance their teams ability.



Let Team GEM empower you and your community

Team with us to create custom workshops that are designed to suit the specific needs of your team, club, sporting association or community group.

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Empowering young athletes to value and better understand themselves and their team mates

Empowering Young Athletes