The Journey so far...

Our Why

To empower athletes so that they develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their teammates.

This develops stronger teams, resilient Clubs and a kind and grateful community.

Our Story

Team GEM was born at the school gate after a chat between two mums.  We discovered that two of our daughters, who were playing in the same netball team, were fighting anxiety.  We knew that playing netball and being involved in a Club was assisting in this fight and we started to brainstorm what else we could do.  Could we come up with a program that might help other players in the same situation?

With the help of another mum and coach at the Club we created an empowerment program, designed to give our players confidence and the ability to discover who they were off the court.  We convinced the Committee that this program would benefit not only the players, but coaches, parents and the Club as a whole.  That was in 2015 and the Gazelles Empowerment Program (GEP) was born.  It has since grown to also include leadership and mentoring, Spirit Days and during COVID 19, the CONTACT program.

After a couple of years of successfully running GEP as volunteers and seeing the positive results for players and the Club, TEAM Gem was established.  We knew we had a formula that could help many athletes, coaches and Clubs.

Since then, Team GEM has partnered with Netball NSW to develop EmpowerPlay, a program based on GEP that can be downloaded and run by any Netball NSW affiliated Club.  Team GEM has also run a number of workshops and programs for many other Associations and sporting Clubs.

Our Team

Trish Crews – A proud Golden Retriever, Trish is our Chief of Empowerment.  Trish is the current Head of Fundraising at Paralympics Australia.  She was formerly the CEO for the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation and head of Community at the National Rugby League.

Samantha Jack – A combined Lion and Otter, Sam is our Chief of Mindfulness. Sam is an interior designer by trade, a third degree black belt and a former State League netball player who has coached for many years at many different levels.

Raewyn Elsegood – Raewyn is another combined Lion and Otter and is our Chief of Resilience.  Raewyn is a former pastor, an author and now a Sports Chaplain who has had many years of experience in teaching women in leadership.

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