A case study in Empowering Clubs

Gazelle Netball Clubs journey of Empowerment

When a Club chooses to Empower its athletes, it Empowers a community.

Why did Gazelles choose to Empower?

  • We could see that once our girls were getting to 15 and 16 years they were dropping out of netball.   After a few years of assistant coaching and/or umpiring, they lost interest or moved on to something else, leaving us with a big hole to fill.   
  • We had also been dealing with a few issues around girls being mean or unfriendly to each other within their teams.
  • We were a Club in a growing area that was doing reasonably well but did not have the depth to allow us to grow our girls and develop them fully on or off the court.  In some age groups we had an A grade and a D grade team, this made it hard to move players to the grade they should have been in.   
  • At the time we had no sponsors and thought that this kind of program would help attract local businesses.
  • We had noticed an increase in mental health issues with players
  • We were struggling to get parents to volunteer to coach

What were the benefits to the players?

  • Increased levels of self-confidence and self-worth
  • Learning how they fit into their team
  • Teaching them about others, that being different is OK, that we must respect others personality traits and look at things from their perspective and not just our own. 
  • We cover different aspects of growth; emotional, physical and connection.  The empowerment program is setting the girls up for success both on and off the court.

What were the benefits to the coaches?

  • Coaches have found the program helpful in fast tracking “understanding their team”. 
  • In a short amount of time, the coaches are learning lots of things about their girls, that might take weeks or even a whole season to find out. 
  • Coaches learn to connect and communicate successfully with their team

What were the benefits to the Gazelles Netball Club?

  • The program has strengthened connections between the age groups so grading isn’t so stressful for children that need to change teams. 
  • Gazelles grew, not only in numbers but in depth.  There are more teams per age group.  The grades have become closer. 
  • Retention rate of players has increased dramatically with the strongest growth in seniors thanks to players staying on well past the under 15s.
  • More players are umpiring and coaching.  The 14’s -17’s are wanting to coach and the older, gold badge and above girls are mentoring the younger umpires.   
  • This is giving the older girls a leadership role and connecting them with our younger girls.  We believe that we have great role models for our juniors to aspire towards.   
  • The Club has more girls involved in the association rep program than in the last 12 years. 
  • Sponsorship now brings in $8,000 per year and the Club has been able to provide all players with training shirts using this money.

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